No.5 "Reassuring Helpers" No.5 "Reassuring Helpers"

Illustration : Shingo Abe
Background : Aojashin
Finishes : Nagisa Abe
Effects : Bandai Namco Filmworks
Shooting Division

"It looks like you could use some help, my brothers," says Zhao Yun.
Zhao Yun 00 Gundam and Sun Quan Gundam Astray have appeared before Knight Strike and his comrades, who are struggling against the superior numbers of the enemy.
Since the fight against Dark Mask, these two have been traveling the world for their own purposes. During their journey, they happened to find Knight Strike and the others confronting Z Clan, and immediately jumped in to help. Displaying the results of their training, the pair rescue the heroes from their predicament.
But then Sun Quan says, "Hmm... Let's pull back for now!"
In the face of Z Clan's ever-increasing numbers, Sun Quan suggests a temporary retreat. They withdraw from the scene with the wounded Strike.

As Strike's injuries are treated, Zhao Yun and Sun Quan hear about the situation, and decide to help Strike and his comrades.