Episode 1: Departure

Countless black strands were approaching the earth.
Without warning, the forefront of the wave was erased by an immense explosion.
As the smoke cleared, Sanzang Strike Freedom Gundam stood afloat.
Sanzang raised his staff, never giving ground, and further shockwaves arrived to blow away the remaining black light.
All at once, the light dispersed as if it realized the odds were against it and rushed toward the surface.

The strands that escaped Sanzang's onslaught soon collided with the ground. Buildings were flattened by the impact, and the surrounding area was instantly reduced to dust as screams filled the air. Then, from within the debris, a giant silhouette arose. It was reminiscent of the warrior formerly known as Lyu Bu Sinanju, only its body seemed to oscillate nonstop.
People began to flee, but one figure remained.
"You look an awful lot like someone I used to know... just what are you?"
Instead of a reply, the oscillating mass raised a sword with both hands and launched into an attack.
"Give me a break. I was all excited to meet an old friend today, but this is one heck of an uninvited guest."
Tian Ba Cao Cao Wing Gundam took flight to evade the opponent's katana and fired back with his beam weapon.
Despite the sureness of his aim, the beam diverted from the path of the oscillating enemy and traveled in the wrong direction.
The enemy must be bending space-time around it to avoid attacks.
"Well, if long-range won't work...!"
Cao Cao drew his sword.
"Zetto hijaku ryusen!"
A tremendous blow cleaved his opponent's figure in two.
Cao Cao then caught sight of something that had appeared behind the exploding enemy and grinned.
"There you are, Nobunaga."
"Long time no see, Cao Cao."

The citizens of Kingdom World were gathering around Zhuge Liang Freedom Gundam as he investigated the mysterious fallen object. Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam and the members of the Dragons Watch were also present, along with Cao Cao and Nobunaga.
"As I explained, a mysterious enemy has been spotted in several regions of Kingdom World... I have taken to calling it the "Samurai Mist." And as might be guessed, its origin can be traced to "The Black Star."
"Which means, Zhuge Liang, it must be Qiongqi..."
"I'll take it from here."
Sanzang appeared on the monitor, broadcasting from space.
"Oh! Sanzang! Sanzang! Sanz--hachoo!"
"Wukong, Liu Bei told me you picked up a cold somewhere. You should be asleep."
"Don't worry, I'm fine! Hachoo!"
Watching as Wukong Impulse Gundam blew his nose, Nobunaga's lips curled in a smile. The aftermath of their previous struggle against Qiongqi Strike Freedom Gundam had returned Wukong to infant form, but since then, he had grown at a steady pace. He was already bigger than the last time they had met in Musha World, just a short time ago.
According to Sanzang, the objectives of their mysterious new enemy, the Samurai Mist, were unknown. However, there was a danger of further falling objects striking not only the Kingdom World but all regions of Earth. The next area where they were likely to descend was Pirate World.
"We just have to blow this Samurai Mist thing away, right? Leave it to me!"
"Hey, Wukong, wait!"
Wukong had flown from the scene, ignoring Liu Bei's attempts to stop him.
Though the threat to Pirate World could not be ignored, the heroes also couldn't afford to leave Kingdom World defenseless. Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang were talking strategy when Sanzang called to them from the monitor again.
"Nobunaga Gundam Epyon, there is no sign of the Samurai Mist descending on Musha World just yet. Could you please accompany Wukong to Pirate World?"
It was true that allowing the young Wukong to go alone was a worrying thought, and right now, Nobunaga was probably the only one free to act.
"Leave it to me."

(To be continued)