Episode 4: Lost Technology

The Black Star… Within its surviving fragments, the humanoid program left by Qiongqi had repaired itself, multiplied, and continued to evolve until it at last acquired "consciousness." That "consciousness" too continued to grow, insatiably so. Before long, it developed a stubborn belief. "Power" was what it lacked.
And then it settled on its goal. ""

The "consciousness" directed its new form, the Samurai Mist, toward Musha World.
"It's here! The Samurai Mist!"
"We must not let it get any closer to Azuchi Castle!"
As the Samurai Mist gained visual recognition of those who appeared before it, an assessment was immediately passed down by the "consciousness."
"Sasuke.Delta.Gundam... Saizo.Gundam.Delta.Kai... not...the.leaders.of.Musha.World."

By the time Nobunaga and Wukong arrived, the grounds of Azuchi castle were littered with the bodies of defeated vassals and soldiers. The badly wounded figures of Sasuke and Saizo lay amidst the scene.
"Lord Nobunaga! My infinite gratitude...!"
"The enemy easily breached the castle's defenses...!"
"Don't worry. We know what it's after."
Nobunaga and Wukong rushed to the far end of the castle grounds.

The Samurai Mist had arrived first and was already inspecting the tightly sealed materials found there.
"So I was right...It is after that."
The Samurai Mist stopped its inspection and turned around as it heard the voices of the approaching Wukong and Nobunaga.
"Hey, Old Man Nobunaga...what's in here?"
"The mysterious Kirahagane armor. Its legend has been passed down for generations on Musha World... Let's go, boy!"
Nobunaga and Wukong attacked simultaneously. However, the Samurai Mist seemed to spot an opening in their imperfect coordination and landed a blow on Wukong.
"Nngh... O-Old Man..."
The Samurai Mist turned to face Nobunaga and spoke.
The mist then changed shape.
Nobunaga trembled violently.
"What...! That form...!"
The mist now took on the seemingly boorish silhouette of one of history's most courageous figures:
Musha Gundam... a legendary hero known to all residents of Musha World.
If the Mist's aim was to assume a form that would stir unrest in the hearts of those who saw it, its efforts, this time, seemed to have backfired. Far from unsettling him, the sight had instilled Nobunaga with an onrush of passionate resolve.
"Surely you must know...what it means to show me that form..."
Boundless pride swelled within him and now Nobunaga released it into the physical world.
Though visible for a mere split-second, the light he produced stirred visions of a gold and green Phoenix.
"Old Man Nobunaga...?"
When Sasuke and Saizo reached the scene, Nobunaga's physical appearance had changed completely. 
Sasuke could only narrow his eyes at the light, drop to his knees and bow his head.
"I always believed... that Lord Nobunaga... would one day achieve this form..."
It was reminiscent of the great general who had first laid the foundations of peace on Musha World.
"Tenkamuso tekkoho!"
Blasts fired from both his shoulder cannons, shaking the premises and striking the Samurai Mist, which dissipated without a trace.

Had Nobunaga and Wukong arrived any later, Musha World would no doubt have suffered even heavier destruction. For it was just as Nobunaga had suspected. The objective of their new enemy, The Samurai Mist, was to capture the legendary armor Kirahagane.
Their successful defense of Kirahagane should have been cause for celebration.
However, Nobunaga's heart had grown distant, hidden behind an unexplainable fog.
Why would the Samurai Mist try to capture Kirahagane when it was supposedly beyond use?
Then it happened. Wukong noticed something and opened his mouth to speak.
"What's going on? Something's glowing..."
Wukong's gaze was fixed straight ahead. The once tightly sealed Kirahagane armor was now floating in mid-air amid a faint cast of light. Kirahagane... the lost technology that could not, until now, be revived by any means.
"Why this time...? I see. So that's it..."
Nobunaga's eyes hardened, as if perceiving a threat. Moments later, something ripped through the walls of the castle's keep and fell to the ground.
The shockwaves devastated half of Azuchi castle and all present were blown away by the blast.

(To be continued)