2020.02.07 (FRI)

[GBO2] GBO Days

Every month, the first Thursday through Sunday are officially GBO Days!

■What is GBO Days?

GBO Days is a special monthly campaign that will run from the first Thursday to Sunday each month! [scheduled].


■GBO Days February Schedule

[CET] 2/6/2020 (THU) 6:00 – 2/9/2020 (SUN) 20:59 [Scheduled]


■Full Details

1. One “Free Supply Drop” can be requested each day during GBO Days! (Up to 4 MS can be obtained)

2. One “Special Supply Drop” with a guaranteed ★★★ MS will be available during GBO Days! (10 Consecutive Supply Drop required)

3. Sortie Rewards increased during GBO Days with even bigger bonuses for New and Returning Pilots!

* Players who have played for 14 days or less are considered New Pilots.

* Players who have not logged in within the past 45 days are considered Returning Pilots.

* Sortie Rewards will return to their normal rates at the end of each month’s GBO Days.






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