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5º aprile 2024

Commemorating the release of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM"
Special interview with Soichiro Hoshi and Mitsuo Fukuda

We conducted an interview with Soichiro Hoshi, the voice of Kira Yamato, and director Mitsuo Fukuda! While reflecting on the series to this point, they'll tell us what to look forward to with the release of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM!
*Be warned, this article includes spoilers pertaining to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM.
―The film has now opened on cinemas across Japan. How do you feel about the box office response?―

FukudaIt doesn't really concern me.


FukudaFrom my perspective, I'm happy if the fans say they enjoyed it. If people leave the theater with smiles on their faces, that's the best result. My work on the project is done, after all. (Laughs)

HoshiWow, an enlightened stance…

FukudaIt's nothing like that, just the truth. Now that it's out of my hands (due to the release), I can relax. Until now, I thought only of making a movie that fans of the SEED series would enjoy. I never thought about whether it would be financially successful or not. Financial success carries its own stress after all. (Laughs)

HoshiCome on! That can't be true (laughs).

―Thanks to the fans, the film is already a huge hit, even compared to other works in the GUNDAM series.―

FukudaIt wasn't a point of emphasis during production. Even so, the fact that the fans' support and the efforts of the staff have made it the number one box office earner in GUNDAM history is a great honor. I'm happy for them that it's a hit.

HoshiYeah, I'd been waiting a long time for a theatrical movie, but even during recording, I couldn't take an objective view of the project. I was too wrapped up in Kira's perspective and concentrating on my performance. However, I haven't reached enlightenment like the director, so I'm very attentive to the response. (Laughs)
How would the film be experienced by those who have waited for it for so long?
There are a lot of characters and fans out there, so I was really anxious about how they would receive it.
However, since the release, I've heard a lot of satisfied responses and could feel the love that people have for the story. I was sincerely happy.

FukudaYeah, love is all you need. This movie was made from love.

HoshiI agree. Both the staff and the viewers are overflowing with love.

FukudaIf it goes too far, it might overshadow people's love for you, Mr. Hoshi.

HoshiHahaha (laughs)

―In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM, Kira and his comrades act as members of COMPASS.―
―Their emotional struggle with a world that never sees the end of war left a big impression.―

HoshiSince the story takes place two years after the finale of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY, the recording started with Kira in a very difficult position. Getting myself into that emotional mindset was difficult. In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY, Kira told Dullindal that he was prepared to fight and pledged to join Shinn and Athrun in battle. For me, personally, 18 years have passed since that point. I have the same complex feelings as Kira about the way the world hasn't changed, no matter how hard we try to do so.

FukudaMs. Morosawa said there were two things she wanted to accomplish with the film. One, she wanted to punch Kira, and two, she wanted to sink the Archangel.

HoshiOh my… really? (laughs)

FukudaKira had never been punched, not even once.

HoshiIs that true?!

Fukuda"And yet, he's always roughing Athrun up," she said.

HoshiBut that's during mobile suit battles!

FukudaShe asked me, "couldn't Athrun be in the right, once in a while?" Then there was the Archangel. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED's war can't end until it's sunk.

HoshiSeriously? I'd be sad if it sunk though. I'm really fond of the Archangel.

―On the other hand, Athrun and Shinn have pretty straightforward roles.―
―Some people have commented that they were surprised by Shinn's cuter side, as seen in the film. Did you intentionally make him a more light-hearted character for the film?―

FukudaShinn was originally that kind of young man. Since the things that occupied his mind in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY are now gone, he's reverted to his original personality. All the feelings he had toward Dullindal before are now directed at Kira.

HoshiAhahaha (laughs)

FukudaLeft to his own devices, Shinn is at the point where he wants to be acknowledged for his skills, rather than someone who tries to carve their own path in the world. Serving under Kira definitely allows him to show his strengths. No one can become an adult overnight, so he's still undergoing growth. COMPASS is a good fit for Shinn. He can focus on what's in front of him, without his feelings being twisted. Having his skills acknowledged by Kira probably brings him happiness.

HoshiThere's something that's been bothering me. Kira is great at MS battles, but in all other aspects, he's still a mess, right?

FukudaA total mess. (laughs)

HoshiIt makes me wonder if it's all right for Shinn to admire him so much.

FukudaKira's always had a generous personality. Shinn knows what he's been through and sympathizes with him. Plus, Kira isn't the type to lecture others. He gives Shinn a certain amount of freedom to act and trusts in his abilities.

HoshiI see.

FukudaIn Shinn's eyes, Kira is a magnanimous person. Unlike Athrun, Kira doesn't ponder over things, so that's something he and Shinn have in common. The two of them fit well together. In the first place, during the original auditions for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, (Kenichi) Suzumura was the last finalist for Kira other than you, Mr. Hoshi. So you're both Kira in a way.

HoshiI guess the two of us are pretty similar.

―Thank you both for sharing your thoughts. In closing, do you have any final words to the global fanbase awaiting the release of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM?―

FukudaWe placed a lot of emphasis on entertainment this time. Rather than the themes or difficult elements, I just want to ask if everyone enjoyed the movie. If they enjoyed it, then that's the best result. There are things that we want to say with each project, but that alone is not the objective. During the film's runtime, how often do people laugh and cry? Is it the kind of movie that you'll want to share with others so that more and more people can enjoy it? That's our biggest priority. We tried to instill the film with our gratitude toward all the people who have cheered on the SEED series. I hope that love is conveyed to fans overseas, as well.

HoshiI'm sure fans overseas who have supported the SEED series for a long time will feel the same way as us. In addition, I hope people who watch SEED for the first time will see and feel new possibilities and emotions. I'd be happy if the love that went into it spreads all over the world, and if the people who see it share their feelings or the film's themes with others, so that the world of SEED reaches as many people as possible. Please go see and enjoy it as many times as you like. Thank you very much.

Soichiro Hoshi, the voice of Kira Yamato, and SEED series director Mitsuo Fukuda, thank you for your time. We hope everyone who reads this interview will enjoy Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM again and again!!
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