Misa Satsukino(CV:Yuka Iguchi)

In order to stop the decline of the Ayato Shopping District, where he was born and raised, he creates a Gunpla team and names it after the that street. Inspired by Takuma's addition, he also grew up as a Gunpla fighter. Such a hard worker, who prefers acting rather than thinking.

Kadomatsu(CV:Tomokazu Sugita)

A researcher with expertise in information science. He loves to play using computers, and as a hobby, he serves as the support engineer for the Ayato Shopping Street Gunpla Battle Team.

Ryusei Fudo(CV:Kensho Ono)

A third-year student at Sokai High School. He joined the Gunpla club after yielding to Sana's forceful persuasion, but his talent for Gunpla Battle quickly blossomed thanks to his friendly rivalry with Touma and special training with his senior Rindo. Ryusei was honored with the high school Triple Crown in individual competition.

Sana Miyama(CV:Rie Takahashi)

Sana recruited Ryusei in order to save the Sokai High School Gunpla club, whose survival was threatened by a lack of members. Though she rated herself poorly as a Gunpla Fighter, Sana's individual personality awakened through continued activity, and she came to enjoy Gunpla with all her heart.

Touma Aizen(CV:Yuki Ono)

Ryusei's friendly rival. Touma used to be the leader of the Sokai High School Gunpla club but, aspiring to become a pro Gunpla Fighter to support his family, he transferred to a high school affiliated with Gokusode University. Despite his cool appearance, he has a bold and aggressive battle style.

Rindo Kuzunoha

A thoroughbred with a pro Gunpla Builder for a father, and a pro Gunpla Fighter for a mother. After landing a sponsorship contract while still in high school, she became a professional fighter herself. Having graduated from Sokai High School, she is now further refining her magnificent battle style.

Granny Irato

The owner of the Irato Game Park, the only game center on the Ayato Shopping Street with a Gunpla Battle simulator. She is a highly spirited old woman who loves money.


A work-bot at the Irato Game Park. Because she was designed for customer service, she can communicate using language, and her choice of wording is extremely sharp.

Masked Man

The masked man who controls the mysterious "Runner Prison" system. He seems to have a strong preoccupation with Takuma…

Takuma Nagitsuji

A Gunpla Fighter who belongs to the Ayato Shopping Street Gunpla Team, and an influential player with World Tournament experience. He is one of the few people who can use the "Awakening" system, a black box feature in the Gunpla Battle simulator. Takuma is currently on a training trip to the United States.

Kentaro Mahara

A Gunpla Fighter whose activity is based in America. With his great intellect, he conducts all kinds of research and analysis into Gunpla Battle. Using an original AI system of his own creation, he has performed repeated simulations to steadily build up his strength.